Volume 44, 1991



New Zealand Alpine Journal 1991

Front cover - top photo: Nick Cradock and Brian Aider on first ascent of Kitchener Cirque Face of Popes Nose. Photo:
Lionel Clay. Bottom photo: Climbers on Mt Sealy, c. 1910. Photo: G.E. Mannering.

Playgrounds for primates. Above: High,cold, ice. Below: Low, hot, rock. These two photos
by Richard Thomson of the Olivine Ice Plateau and Elephant Rocks (Al Mark climbing)
epitomise two ends of the same scale.

Back cover - photos from the Club competition (please note that some have been "cropped"): Clockwise from bottom right,
Just a step to the left (Peter Manning), From Copland Pass (Gary Brehaut), Summit ridge (Nick Brown), Colourful
community (Lyndsay Fletcher), Quite a mouthful (Luke Newnham). Nick Brown's photo won the Guide Alack Challenge
Cup for the most oustanding photo of a purely mountaineering nature.

New Zealand Alpine Club Journal 1991
Volume 44 ISSN 0110 1080

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